I'm glad that we Malawians, despite our penchant to litter, are very good at recycling.

You don't believe me? Then explain to me why John Tembo is still MCP's leader? Indeed, tell me the reason Bakili Muluzi wants to come back to misrule us and plunder our economy? And while you're at it, why don't you tell me why we still have the likes of Gwanda in our political landscape.

Yes, in Malawi we recycle politicians. That's how we've maintained our environment in a constant state of political pollution. That's the reason we can't rid our parliament of numbnuts who are so myopic they can't see beyond their pockets.

But what ails Malawi?

Why are we still mired in poverty while our leaders become instant millionaires (and instant paupers when they get out of power)? Why is it that we're always at the top when it comes to bad stats (poverty, illiteracy, etcetera) but always anchor the good stats charts (GDP, life expectancy, an so on)?

Why can't we do business without a little something changing hands?

I think I know. It's because our country is misnamed. We need to change the name of our nation, and change it fast, if things are to get any better.

You're shaking your head! You mean you were never taught that nothing good is associated with words preceded by "mal"? OK, get out your dictionary and let's browse through a few of them. Malady. Malaise. Maladapted. Maladministration. Malapportioned. Malcontent. Malarkey. Malappropriate. Malapropism. Maleficence. Malevolence. Malfeasance. Malformation. Malaria.

Starting to get the drift?

Then, of course, there is Malawi. But just in case you think I'm just a maladjusted Malawian with a malfunctioning brain who views Malawi with malice, let me remind you that there's a country in West Africa called, you guessed it, Mali.

Need I say more?

8/15/2007 09:48:50 pm

Much as i agree with the idea of changing the name 'Malawi', i propose that you should have provided an alternative

8/15/2007 11:29:10 pm

I agree ...we need to give some serious consideration to a name change. This name thing...reminds me...back in the days...our great grandparents used to warn us to be careful what names we gave to our children or we would get what we asked for...didnt they? Let us hold a referendum on this. I know others will argue ...what's in a name. A.....by any other will smell as bad!! It must be something in the water we drink!

Western Sahara
8/16/2007 01:10:43 am

I agree with the author may be a name change will add some luck to our football team.

Cosby Nkwazi
8/20/2007 04:17:59 am

Not only should Malawi change her name. We also need to replace the National Anthem as well..... remove the words 'hunger, disease and envy' People are using these words literally, and perharps they are a cause to the political impasse currently engulfing Malawi

7/7/2008 04:07:12 pm

The name Malawi is in vernacular, Yes Mali is another country with a Mal and is also in deep probs. what about Malaysia sir ?? I don't think the name has a problem or would changing the name improve anything like getting rid of the re-cycled politicians. We know the problem westill support these old heads. It's either we remove them somehow or they just resign and pave way for fresh blood under the same Malawi.


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