Let's start off with a quote by an anonymous Zimbabwean citizen: "I've learnt my lesson...I asked God to make me a millionaire, but I forgot to state the currency!"

I suppose even God needs specifics.

And specific we were when the other day me and my mates discussed what ails Malawi's educational system . Over a cold Carlsberg, of course.

We were lamenting the state of our education system when the point came up that the Malawi Junior Certificate examination was a waste of government resources. Why bother administering an exam when it no longer serves as sieve for places in Form 3 (private secondary schools have only one qualification: money)? Why waste time and money when people require MSCE, the GCE equivalent, to be employed as office cleaners?

The taxpayer's money would be better utilised elsewhere.

8/16/2007 10:16:34 pm


yet again; hilarious !


5/3/2011 01:54:26 pm

But he is treating you love,
Then you should choose which one?
Actually, each one's conditions are the same.


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