At long last, the Americans can decide who they want as their 44th president. Of course, I've no idea who between Obama and McCain will be forced to toss away his victory speech, wear a plastic smile for the world's cameras, and state that he feels "honored to congratulate my worthy opponent who run a great campaign."

Or something along those lines.

In any case, there's never been an American presidential race that's generated so much interest around the world. Certainly, not since I started following these things.

All because of one Barak Obama.

Those of you who have been following opinion polls know they've Obama winning this race, in some cases, by a landslide. But how accurate are they? It isn't an exact science, is it? Just look at the variance in the margin of victory from as little as 2% to as much as 13%. Then factor in the margin of error. No wonder pollsters sometimes end up with crimson faces (pollsters are predominantly white) because they predicted wrong. 

This year, there may be another factor that makes the election crystal balls a little more hazy. One of the candidates isn't white, you see.

You think that can't affect the polls? Don't you think it's possible that some people who get polled may say they'll cast their vote for Obama l of being perceived racists by the pollsters? In the privacy of a voting both, on the other hand, they' would be free to, as many blacks fear, express their genuine will by voting for McCain.

I don't know how many closet racists (voting booth racists may be more apt in this case) there are, but it could be a significant enough number to swing elections McCain's way in some of the so called swing states.

By the way, it isn't only Malawi that has a new Moses. Apparently Obama is one, too. At least that's what Bishop C. Garnett Henning has declared.


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